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Patch Panel 24 Ports FTP

P/N: 80.24.05F / EAN: 6940533544432
P/N: 80.24.06F / EAN: 6940533544449

Patch panels (Patch panel) are metallic devices where the ports or ends of a network are located, normally located in a rack or telecommunications rack, to keep your data centers or servers organized. They serve to order the Ethernet cables that are connected to the interconnection device that is used to connect network equipment (Switch or Switch), forming a local area network (LAN). In addition, they make it easy to move or change cabling infrastructure in the future. They are very easy to install and are adapted to distribute network points according to our needs.

All the connection panels are made for 19” racks and integrated anchor points to better organize them and have greater security in the wiring, avoiding unwanted access and manipulation.

Aiten Data connection panels have 24 ports or special RJ45 connectors for voice and data networks. They are very easy to install and are adapted to distribute the network points according to our needs: For UTP cables that require a simpler and more versatile installation or for FTP cables used for more complex networks and reducing electromagnetic interference. The sides have profiles for easy anchoring in rack cabinets.

Made of cold-rolled steel and finished in anti-rust black paint and powder coating. They have a standard width of 19” and a height of 1U.

Both the UTP and FTP models have two categories each, depending on the data that the cable can transmit: CAT5e at speeds of 1000 Mbps and CAT6 at 10 gigabits with up to 250 MHz.

Includes all necessary accessories for installation.


Main Features

  • 24 x RJ45 ports.
  • 19” 1U.
  • Category 6 or 5 FTP.


80.24.05F 6940533544432 480 110 1U 1,685 500 140 58 1,859 0,0040
80.24.06F 6940533544449 480 110 1U 1,675 500 140 58 1,849 0,0040

Standards Compliance

  • Aiten Data accessories are under standards:
    ANSI/EIA RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN 41494; PART1; DIN 41494; PART7; ETSI; CE; ROSH; ISO9001.
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