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Floor Rack Cabinets 19” Without Accesories

If your company requires robustness and high-capacity storage solutions for large volumes or heavy equipment, Aiten Data offers 19″ floor-standing cabinets tailored to your needs.

Choose from various heights and capacities ranging from 22U to 47U, with widths between 600 mm and 800 mm, and depths from 600 mm to 1000 mm. All our cabinets feature glass or perforated doors, and for larger models, we offer the option of double doors, allowing you to work on one side while keeping the other side secure and protected.

Similar to our wall-mounted cabinets, our floor-standing cabinets come with cost-effective accessories that streamline your project and simplify installation. Included accessories are: 2 fixed shelves, 4 fans with European-style plugs, 1 PDU with 8 1U ports and an aluminum profile base, 4 detachable legs, 4 brake-equipped wheels, and a lock with 2 keys on the front door.

Thanks to their sturdy design, Aiten Data cabinets provide versatile solutions for telecommunications network installations in offices, retail spaces, data centers, and industrial environments. All our models support a maximum load of 800 kg, ensuring the safety and stability your infrastructure demands.

*20 years warranty
**100% assembled, consult your distributor for free shipping.
**The photo is indicative, shows a possible cabinet + accessories combination.

Main Features

  • Rack floor cabinet with standard width of 19” (482,6 mm).
  • Detachable structure.
  • Transparent tempered glass front door with 2 keys security lock.
  • Perforated rear door in the form of hexagonal cells to improve ventilation. Bring lock with key.
  • Hinge system that allows changing the direction of the door opening without tools.
  • Cables entry through both at the top and the bottom of the cabinet and ventilation slots.
  • Numbered rack profiles.
  • Depth scrollable profiles.
  • Easy-to-open detachable side panels with side closure for easy maintenance.
  • Polished finishes to prevent dust from entering.
  • The outside packaging is specially designed to secure the cabinet and prevent bumps and scratches.

Materials and Finishing

  • Treatment: degreasing and anti-rust paint.
  • Degree of protection: IP20.
  • Load capacity: up to 800 kg on feet and 600 kg on wheels.
  • Thickness of the steel structure: 2 mm.
  • Material: high quality cold rolled SPCC steel.
  • Color: black, smooth and polished finish.

Accessories Included

  • 4 removable feet.
  • 4 wheels with brake.
  • Lock with 2 keys on the front door.





AI6822S F80.68.22S 6940533545071 22U 600 800 1166 1158 48 625 825 1215 59 0,626
AI6832S F80.68.32S 6940533545088 32U 600 800 1610 1602 60 625 825 1655 72 0,853
AI6837S F80.68.37S 6940533545095 37U 600 800 1780 1772 67,5 625 825 1880 80 0,969
*Height means the sum of cabinet plus feet / wheels.

AI6822S F80.68.22S 6940533545071
AI6832S F80.68.32S 6940533545088
AI6837S F80.68.37S 6940533545095

Standards Compliance

  • Aiten Data floor rack cabinets are under CE, ROSH, ISO9001 standards.
  • Download the CE certificate here.
  • Download the ROSH certificate here.
*All specifications and features, as well as color and software versions, may subject to manufacturing changes.
*The availability of the products may vary according to the market. Consult your supplier for promotions and special offers.
*All brands are registered according to the law.

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